Shipping Services from Pakistan to Australia by Air & Sea

Shipping services from Pakistan to Australia provide stable and reliable business resources. Through expedited air freight services or cost-efficient sea freight, Pakistan could reach Australian major ports and airports, promoting increased trade of goods and cooperation in the economy of the two countries. You can book air and sea freight service through us from Pakistan to Australia and Australia to Pakistan. For Instance, if you need a logistics agent to carry your items into Australia. Shipping is no longer a concern. Pace Logistics gets your goods shipped with Care Door to Door & Port-to-Port Shipments. Please call us for peace of mind when delivering import and export shipments.

Sea Shipping

Sea shipping is the best choice for delivering large volumes of goods. It is not faster than the air shipping process. It is mostly used for moving items including; Non-perishable Items, Bulk Commodities, and suitable goods that are not time-sensitive. Sea shipping transit times are usually around 20-30 days, however, this varies depending on the route and transport liner. We provide maritime freight services covering all incoterms 2020, including Full Container Load (FCL), element loads (LCL), and bulk shipment. We move your goods from Pakistani Ports to Australian Ports.

Fremantle Port

The Fremantle Port is a major gateway for international trade. It is located in Western Australia. It handles large volumes of container and bulk cargo shipments. It is a vital trade hub for goods coming from Pakistan. It provides modern facilities and handling storage of goods coming from worldwide. Pace Logistics offers customs clearance, warehousing & Storage from Karachi Port to Fremantle Port.

Port of Brisbane

The Brisbane port is also one of the fastest-growing container ports in Australia. It is serving the state of Queensland. It handles both container and general cargo. Its deep-water berths are capable of handling large volumes of goods. The famous shipping lines connect Australian and Pakistani Ports. Pace Logistics moves your shipments with personal care and offers port-to-port delivery from Qasim Port to Brisbane Port.

Port of Melbourne

Melbourne Port is the busiest seaport in Australia. It plays a vital role in the Pakistan and Australia trade. It handles a wide range of cargo shipments for example automotive, machinery, and consumer goods. It is located near Victoria and is an important entry hub for goods from Pakistan. We handle Ex-Works, FOB, DDP, and DAP Incoterms shipments from Karachi Port to Melbourne Port.

Port of Adelaide

Port of Adelaide is serving South Australia. It handles different types of cargo. The port’s strategic location and splendid infrastructure make it a valuable hyperlink within the delivery chain for goods shipped from Pakistan, facilitating easy transit and distribution. We offer customs clearance and transportation from Pakistan Port to Adelaide Port.

Port of Sydney

Port of Sydney is also the largest seaport in Australia. It important port in Australia. It handles big-size commodities and bulk cargo. Its vital area in New South Wales makes it an important hub for international trade, connecting Pakistan to the Australian marketplace. We are working with shipping lines and providing customer shipping tracking numbers. We move your cargo with care from Karachi Port to Sydney Port.

Air Shipping

Air shipping is the pace choice to transport goods from Pakistan to Australia. Air Freight connects two nations and builds relations with Pakistan and Australia. It is the ideal method to transport sensitive, fragile, and Luxury Items. It is more expensive than sea shipping but is best for fragile and perishable items to transport timely. Pakistan exports commodities to Australia including; surgical products, leather products, textiles & garments, sports goods, iron and steel products, etc. We handle import and export shipments from Pakistan to Australia. We deliver your goods from Pakistani airports to Australian airports with connecting flights.

Sydney Airport

The Airport of Sydney is the busiest in Australia. It handles large volumes of international air cargo. It provides an ideal gateway for air shipments from Pakistan. We are working with logistics companies in Australia. We handle your shipments from Karachi Airport to Sydney Airport.

Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport is an important hub for international and domestic trade. It has two runways and a vital gateway to Queensland Australia. Its IATA code is BNE. It handles the daily flow of national and international flights. We offer door-to-door delivery from Islamabad airport to Brisbane Airport.

Melbourne Airport

The Melbourne Airport is a crucial hub of international and domestic in Victoria. It was opened in 1970 and it connects Melbourne to global destinations. It grows the country’s economy and tourism. The Melbourne airport has multiple terminals that handle international and domestic flights. Pace Logistics handles transportation and customs clearance from Lahore Airport to Melbourne Airport.

Perth Airport

Australia’s fourth-busiest airport is Perth. It provides an important gateway for trade to Western Australia. We move your shipments and provide air cargo tracking numbers. We deliver your fragile and sensitive items from Faisalabad Airport to Perth Airport.