Afghan Transit Trade

Pakistan is in the most advantageous position in Afghan Transit Trade (ATT), where the Port of Karachi is a hinterland port and “GATEWAY” to Afghanistan and Central Asian States, Countries.
Afghanistan has no rail network, and land routes from Pakistan and neighboring countries conduct all trade. Cargo for Afghanistan in Transit via Pakistan (Karachi /Port) is exempted from customs duty and taxes in Pakistan. However, a Special Custom Cell processes and examines the cargo at Karachi Port.

We take this opportunity to introduce our company as one of the leading shipping services providers for Afghan Trade. We can easily handle all shipments, including food, building materials, project cargo, and other general cargo. Additionally, We are in a position to provide you with our Best routes and Most competitive rates. Required Documentation is carried out at the customs post, after which the Cargo/Container crosses into Afghanistan.

We have regular service from Karachi to Afghanistan for various cities by trucks, i.e., Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Jalal Abad, Mazar-e-Sharif, and Tarin Kot, Afghanistan.
We offer a hassle-free one-window operation for goods in transit to Afghanistan via Pakistan. Air Sea Worldwide Logistics offers services for Door Delivery inside Afghanistan and performs Custom Clearance & Unloading arrangements at the destination.

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