Freight Forwarding Services from Pakistan to the UK by Air & Sea

Freight Forwarding Services from Pakistan to the UK connect & grow businesses between the two countries. Pace Logistics Freight Forwarder and Logistics Services Company in Pakistan. Our Sea Freight Services include full container load (FCL), Less Container load (LCL), Bulk Cargo, and Break Bulk Cargo. Our air freight services include general and commercial cargo, Consolidated Cargo, and incoterms 2023. Suppose you want to move your goods from Pakistan to the UK. But you are worried about the shipment being delivered promptly and safely. Don’t worry about the shipping process. We arrange air & sea shipping from Pakistan to the UK.

Shipping from Pakistan to UK

Sea Freight Services

Pace Logistics offers sea freight services from Pakistan to the UK and from the UK to Pakistan. Pace Logistics works with Logistics Companies UK and eases the import & export shipping process. Pakistan exports many types of Commodities to England, including Textiles (Tracksuits, Shirts, Knit Wear, and Houseline), Sports Goods (Cricket Batts, Soccer Balls, Hard Ball, and Sports Kits), Surgical Instruments, Rice, and Salt. Pakistan imports commodities from London, including scrap Metals (Iron & Aluminum), Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, and Buses), machinery (Textiles & Construction), Chemicals (Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, and Industrial), etc. We arrange road transportation for your shipment from the factory, deliver it to Karachi Port, and later ship it to British ports.

Port of Felixstowe

Port of Felixstowe important role in the British economy. It works as a vital link for international trade and the movement of goods in and out of the country. It busiest port in the UK and handles nearly half of the container trade in the country. We arrange customs clearance and ddu incoterm from Karachi Port to Felixstowe.

Port of Southampton

The port of Southampton is well-known for handling passengers and cargo for the UK. It is important for both container Ro-Ro (roll on / roll off) traffic. Its deep-water berths enable the biggest ship’s effective cargo handling. We expertise handle FCL and LCL shipments from Karachi port to Southampton port.

Port of Tilbury

Tilbury port is a multimodal port that can handle various cargo types; including bulk cargo like grain, containerized goods, roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) vehicle traffic, and car handling facilities. Ferry services are also catered to. We move your goods care and promptly from Karachi Port to Tilbury.

Port of Liverpool

The Port of Liverpool serves northwest England and is famous for its vast facilities and strategic location. It provides beneficial links to both the Atlantic and European trade routes. Its location makes it unique in the International maritime landscape. We handle ex-works, fob, and dap shipments from Pakistan to Liverpool Port.

Air freight Services

Pace Logistics delivers air freight services connecting Pakistan and England. We ship valuable products that must be delivered securely or fragile products that must be delivered swiftly. Pace Logistics arranges transportation, customs clearance, cargo documentation, and door-to-door delivery. Our best services include cost-effective rates, timely delivery at destination, cargo insurance, direct services, and security. We deliver your shipments from Pakistani Airports to British Airports.

Air Freight Services from UK

Heathrow International Airport

Heathrow International Airport is the busiest in the UK and handles most of the air cargo. Pace Logistics tracks the process of shipping cargo internationally and handles everything from customs clearance to arranging transportation. We arrange customs clearance from Lahore Airport to Heathrow.

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is located 7 miles southwest of the city and is a major international airport in England. It is an important hub for northern England. We specialize in warehousing & distribution services and pick pack ship. We move your air cargo shipment from Karachi Airport to Manchester.

Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is located in the heart of England and is a major transportation hub connecting the West Midlands to destinations worldwide. We offer door-to-door and airport-to-airport moving shipments from Islamabad Airport to Birmingham Airport.

Cardiff Airport

Cardiff Airport is located in the west of the UK. It facilitates cargo movement locally and internationally. By choosing Pace Logistics, you can ensure your cargo arrives safely and efficiently at Cardiff Airport from Pakistan. We know the UK import tax calculator and import duty. We share the shipment’s air cargo tracking number and eori number with clients. We move your ex-works, fob, and dap terms shipment from Faisalabad to Cardiff Airport.

Belfast Airport

Belfast Airport is a crucial gateway for Northern Ireland, providing reliable air freight services and expertly managing a range of cargo kinds. Do you want to move cargo from Pakistan to Belfast International Airport (BFS)? Pace Logistics offers reliable solutions for your air freight needs. We have 12 years of experience in air freight forwarding and moved 1000+ clients’ shipments. We also provide door-to-door services to our valuable customers through Postcode Finder. We deliver your goods from Sialkot Airport to Belfast Airport with connecting flights.