Freight Forwarding Services from Pakistan to Brazil By Air & Sea

Pace Logistics offers freight forwarding services from Pakistan to Brazil and from Brazil to Pakistan. Our Logistics expertise team provides air and sea freight services from Pakistan to Brazil. We handle shipments from Pakistan to Brazil Airports and Sea Ports with Care. Our Sea Freight Services include full container load (FCL), Part Load (LCL), and Break Bulk Cargo. Our air freight services include general and commercial cargo and cover all incoterms 2023. Suppose you need a logistics agent to move your goods to Brazil.

Sea Freight Services

Trade between the two countries depends heavily on sea freight services from Brazil to Pakistan and Pakistan to Brazil. Pakistan delivers a wide range of commodities to Brazil, which includes rice, pink salt, footballs, surgical instruments, sportswear, textiles, leather goods, and furniture. Pakistan imports commodities from Brazil, including soybeans, Sugar, Cotton, Coffee, Iron Ore, Corn, and Cattle. We arrange road transportation for your shipment from the factory, deliver it to Karachi Port, and later ship to Brazil.

Santos Sea Port

Santos Sea Port, Brazil’s most active container port, is essential to our maritime freight operations. Our expertise can provide a smooth transit for your cargo by providing effective loading, unloading, and customs clearance.

Karachi Port to Brazilian Ports

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro’s ports handle various cargo needs thanks to its advantageous location and adequate infrastructure. Our marine freight solutions make transport to and from this significant maritime hub reliable. Pace Logistics handles FCL and LCL Shipments from Pakistan to the Brazilian Port.

Itajai Port

Itajai Port is a crucial gateway for trade in southern Brazil. We handle ex-works and FOB Shipments from Karachi Port to Itajai.

Rio Grande Port

The Rio Grande is the main port of Brazil and Latin America. It’s located in the city of Rio Grande. We handle Full Containers and consolidated shipments from Karachi Port to Rio Grande Port.

Itaqui Port

Itaqui Port offers access to Brazil’s northern region. We handle DDP and DAP Incoterm base Shipments from Pakistan to Itaqui Port.

Air Freight Services

Pace Logistics delivers air freight services connecting Pakistan and Brazil. It ships valuable products that must be delivered securely or fragile products that must be delivered swiftly. Its reliable and cost-effective business choice is air freight, which is engaged in international trade.  We deliver your goods from Pakistan airports to Brazilian Airports.

Gru Airport

Gru Airport is a vital aviation cargo center and one of Brazil’s busiest airports. Rapid transit from Pakistan to São Paulo and other locations is made possible by our services, which offer prompt processing and clearance of products.

Santos Dumont Airport

Santos Dumont Airport provides convenient access to the city and its surrounding areas. Our air freight solutions guarantee the fast delivery of goods from Islamabad Airport to Brazil Airports.

Air Freight Services from Pakistan to Sao Paulo Airport

São Paulo Airports

Pace Logistics covers São Paulo airport and offers Transportation Services, Customs Clearance, Warehousing, and courier services. We move your goods from Pakistan Airports, including Karachi Airport, Islamabad Airport, Lahore Airport, and Sialkot Airport, to Brazilian Airports.