Freight Forwarders in Pakistan – Pace Logistics Company

Pace Logistics freight forwarder based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Pace Logistics started in 2012. It grows and earns a reputation for its excellent services worldwide. We offer services to help our clients succeed in the global marketplace. International Business should conducted with uncompromising honesty and integrity. We grow together, and client satisfaction is our priority.

International Freight Forwarding

We specialize in shipping goods by air, ocean, and land. Pace Logistics guarantees efficient and timely global cargo deliveries. Our team plans each shipment to reduce travel time when crossing oceans. We aim to reduce logistical challenges with our experienced professionals. We attached all countries with global Coverage. We have 12 years of experience delivering shipments all over the world.

Custom Clearance Expertise

Customs clearance is a big problem in international shipping. The situation complicates things. Pace Logistics is great at handling customs clearance for all types of shipments. We handle shipments by air, sea, and land, both coming in and going out. We handle all the necessary paperwork and work with authorities. This ensures that shipments get through customs on time.

Trucking Services for Seamless Inland Transportation

We know how important it is to have good transportation on land. Our trucks are dependable and can meet your cargo needs. Our experienced drivers make sure your cargo is safe and secure. They handle both local deliveries and long journeys across the country. Your cargo will arrive on time and in great condition. We focus on providing clients with satisfaction and risk-free shipping.

Warehousing, Distribution, and Relocation Solutions

We do more than transport. We also offer warehousing, distribution, and relocation services. Our warehouses are modern and secure. They have efficient distribution networks. This helps businesses manage their inventory better and meet customer demands. Now, we are starting soon with 2PL and 3PL services worldwide. Warehousing is the key to the logistics and cargo industry. We are covering the world in the Future.

Project Handling Excellence

Complex projects must have expertise and careful planning. We specialize in managing projects of all sizes. We offer personalized solutions to address specific logistical challenges. Our team coordinates resources and executes projects with precision. Our team ensures the coordination of resources, efficient execution, and successful project outcomes.

Event Management for Specialized Cargo

We ensure successful outcomes for all our projects. Special events often involve the transportation and handling of unique cargo. Pace Logistics has expertise in event management. We ensure smooth logistics for exhibitions, trade shows, and other occasions. Our expertise and attention to detail ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved.

Afghan Transit Cargo Handling

We have specialized capabilities to handle Afghan transit cargo. We ensure smooth and secure transit through thorough documentation and efficient processes. Our team understands the intricacies of this trade route. We promise to follow all relevant rules, giving Afghan trade businesses Peace of mind. They grow business and Peace together.

Services Excellence

At Pace Logistics, exceptional customer service is not a priority; it’s a core value. We focus on responding to inquiries and leads. We handle all consignment and nomination activities. We provide comprehensive container logistics services. We commit ourselves to excellence. We pay for freight. We ensure proper documentation for every shipment.


Pace Logistics has earned a trusted reputation as a partner. We provide comprehensive services, focus on efficiency, and focus on client satisfaction. We specialize in seamless and reliable international logistics solutions. Businesses of all sizes trust us. Whether you have experience or are new to exporting, Pace Logistics can assist you. Our expertise can guide you in international trade and logistics.