Export Goods from Pakistan to International Markets

Pakistan is the top Asian country that exports goods worldwide. Businesses in Pakistan have enormous opportunities to grow and support the economic development of their nation by exporting goods to international markets. This extensive resource seeks to shed light on various export-related topics from Pakistan, including export commodities, export procedures, and specialty products like rice, mangoes, and pink and salt.

 Export From Pakistan to International Market

Export items from Pakistan

Pakistan exports well-known items in the global market. The list of export items includes; leather products, textiles, sports goods, and surgical instruments.

Leather products

Pakistan manufactures high-quality leather types of products includes such as belts, coats, jackets, wallets, purses, and shoes.


Pakistan is famous for its textile products, which export garments, tracksuits, sportswear, cotton clothes, and yarn to many nations.

Sports Goods

The famous city of Pakistan Sialkot manufactures sports equipment gloves, cricket bats, hockey, footballs, footballs, and other wood equipment.

Surgical Instruments

Pakistan is a leading international manufacturer of surgical tools for medical institutes across the globe.

Mango Export from Pakistan

Mangoes are one of Pakistan’s most valued exports, valued for their flavor and excellence. Many types of Mangoes in Pakistan cultivate Chaunsa, Sindhri, Anwar Ratol, and Langra, among other types. Important information exporters of mangoes must follow phytosanitary laws and secure the required certifications from the appropriate authorities. The Popular   Destinations including; Saudi Arabia, the European countries, the UK, and the USA are among the nations to which Pakistan exports mangoes.

Salt Export from Pakistan

Pakistan exports two types of salt worldwide and is blessed one of the largest salt mines in the world, located at Khewra Salt Mine. Pink salt is well known for its health benefits and unique flavor and has gained popularity in international markets. Pink salt is exported from Pakistan to Europe, the USA, the UK, Asia, Canada, and Middle Eastern countries.

Export Pink Salt From Pakistan.

Export Rice from Pakistan

Pakistan is known for its agricultural products and hub for rice exports in the world. Quality assurance ensures that rice exported satisfies global quality requirements and is properly inspected. Must use high-quality packaging materials to preserve the freshness and quality of rice during transit.

Export Rice From Pakistan

How to Export from Pakistan

Export goods from Pakistan need documents, including Commercial Invoices, Packing List, Anf Undertaking, NTN Number, ID Card Copy, Financial Instruments, Customs Clearance, and shipping. Pace Logistics arranges all your shipping needs and provides top-notch logistics services. Don’t worry about the export process, and we are ready to ship globally with us.