Delivering Cargo from Pakistan to Sweden by Air & Sea

Delivering Cargo from Pakistan to Sweden successfully and thoroughly is crucial for businesses involved in global exchange. Pace Logistics Freight Forwarder and Cargo Company in Pakistan. Our air freight services include general and commercial cargo and incoterms 2020. Suppose you want to move your goods from Pakistan to Sweden. Don’t worry about the delivery system. We provide air and sea freight offerings from Pakistan to Sweden and Sweden to Pakistan, including key ports and airports in Sweden, such as Gothenburg Port, Stockholm Port, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Gothenburg Airport, and Stockholm Vasteras Airport.

Sea Cargo Services

Pace Logistics offers sea freight services from Pakistan to Sweden and from Sweden to Pakistan. Pace Logistics works with Logistics Companies in Sweden and eases the import & export shipping process. Sea shipment services are crucial for transporting bulk goods and commodities. Pakistan’s Major ports, which include Karachi and Port Qasim, are the starting factors for many sea freight trips to Sweden. Pakistan exports many types of Commodities to Sweden, including Textiles & Garments, House Linens, Leather Apparel, Animal Skins, vegetable products, and fruits. Pakistan imports commodities from Sweden, including Scrap iron, Kraft Paper and Machinery Equipment. We arrange road transportation for your shipment from the factory, deliver it to Karachi Port, and later ship it to Sweden ports.

Gothenburg Port

Gothenburg Port is the biggest port in Scandinavia and a critical hub for sea shipment. It handles a wide-range of goods, including uncooked materials, customer products, and business gadgets. The port’s superior infrastructure and green logistics operations ensure that shipments from Pakistan are unloaded and processed with minimum put-off. We handle Ex-works, Fob, ddp, and Dap incoterms shipments from Karachi Port to Gothenburg Port.

Stockholm Port

Stockholm Port plays a crucial role in facilitating transport within the Baltic area. It handles a variety of shipments, including machinery, chemical substances, and food products. The port’s proximity to Sweden’s main markets guarantees quick distribution and delivery. For companies in Pakistan, shipping items to Stockholm Port can provide a direct right of entry to Sweden’s capital and its monetary heart. We arrange customs clearance from Pakistan Port to Sweden Port.

Air Cargo Services

Air Cargo Services connecting Pakistan and Sweden. We ship valuable products that must be delivered securely or fragile products that must be delivered swiftly. Pace Logistics arranges transportation, customs clearance, cargo documentation, and door-to-door delivery. Our best services include cost-effective rates, timely delivery at destination, cargo insurance, direct services, and security. We deliver your shipments from Pakistani Airports to Sweden Airports. Numerous essential airports facilitate clean and green air freight operations for shipments from Pakistan to Sweden.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the leading international gateway to Sweden. It handles a huge amount of cargo, making it an essential hub for imports and exports. With modern centers and superior logistics aid, Arlanda ensures that cargo from Pakistan reaches Sweden swiftly and effectively. We deliver door-to-door shipments from Karachi Airport to Sweden.

Gothenburg Landvetter Airport (GOT)

Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, located in Sweden’s 2nd-largest metropolis, is another critical participant in air cargo offerings. It supports various goods, such as commercial equipment, automotive components, and seafood. We arrange customs clearance and freight from Lahore Airport to Got Airport.

Stockholm Västerås Airport (VST)

Stockholm Västerås Airport, while smaller than Arlanda and Landvetter, plays a crucial role in the air cargo network. Situated about 100 kilometers west of Stockholm, Västerås Airport specializes in handling smaller shipments and provides excellent connectivity to other European destinations. We move your cargo goods from Islamabad Airport to Sweden Airport.