Cargo Delivery from Pakistan to Greece by Air & Sea

Cargo Delivery from Pakistan to Greece helps clients import and export from Pakistan to Greece. Cargo Services are vital in making trade easy by air & Sea. Our Sea Cargo Services include full container load (FCL), Less Container Load (LCL), and Break Bulk Cargo. Our air freight services include general and commercial cargo and cover incoterms 2020. Suppose you want to move your cargo from Pakistan to Greece. But you are worried about the shipment being delivered timely and safely. Don’t worry about the shipping process. We arrange air & sea shipping from Pakistan to Greece.

Sea Cargo Services

Pace Logistics offers Sea Cargo services from Pakistan to Greece and Greece to Pakistan by Sea. We work with Cargo Companies in Greece to ease the import & export shipping process. Sea shipment services are crucial for transporting bulk goods and commodities. Pakistan’s Major ports, which include Karachi and Port Qasim, are the starting factors for many sea freight trips to Greece. Pakistan exports Commodities to Greece including; Textiles & Apparel, Agricultural Products, Sports Goods, Leather Goods, Surgical Instruments, Carpets & Rugs, and Pink Salt. Pakistan imports commodities from Greece including; Machinery & Mechanical Appliances, Electrical Machinery, Plastics Materials, Food Products (Olive and Olives Oil), and Fertilizers. We arrange road transportation for your export shipment from the factory, deliver it to Karachi Port, and later ship it to Greece Port.

Athens Port

Athens Port is a major port with common cargo movement. The distance between Karachi and Athens is considerable, so assume the adventure to take several weeks. Multiple transport lines function in this route, supplying containerized cargo and bulk shipment options. Cargo insurance is important to defend your shipment in opposition to harm or loss during shipping. Pakistan and Greece have customs regulations for import and export. We arrange customs clearance from Karachi Port to Athens Port.

Piraeus Port

Piraeus Port is the largest and busiest port in Greece, serving as a major hub for sea shipment from around the sector. Located near Athens, it’s far a crucial entry point for items arriving with the aid of the sea. Goods together with textiles, raw materials, and client merchandise are normally transported thru sea cargo from Pakistan’s key ports, inclusive of Karachi and Port Qasim. We handle Ex-works, Dap, and Ddp incoterm shipments from Pakistani Port to Piraeus Port.

Air Cargo Services

Pace Logistics offers air cargo services from Pakistan to Greece and Greece to Pakistan by Air. It is ideal for moving high-value and time-sensitive shipments. It connects two nations and builds relations & trade. The pace of air cargo ensures that businesses can keep up with tight schedules and meet urgent demands. Pace Logistics provides services including; transportation, customs clearance, cargo insurance, cargo documentation, and door-to-door delivery. We deliver your shipments from Pakistani Airports to Greece Airports with connecting flights.

Athens International Airport

Athens Airport is well-known as Eleftherios Venizelos. It is located in the capital of Greece. It major gateway for air cargo. It handles import and export shipments from Worldwide. Cargo from Pakistan generally departs from main airports which include Jinnah International Airport in Karachi or Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore. The journey involves meticulous planning, along with customs clearance in Pakistan, cautious packaging, and timely transportation to the airport. Upon arrival at Athens International Airport, the shipment undergoes customs inspection before being dispensed to diverse destinations across Greece. Pace Logistics offers complete cargo packages including Preparation and Packaging, Transportation to the Airport, Loading and Transit, Distribution, and Delivery.